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All about Ukraine. Guidebook

: Andrey Ivchenko
: Publishing house "Kartohrafia", Kyiv.
: , English
: 2007
: 640
ISBN: 978-966-475-037-7
The book includes photographs by Andriy Ivchenko.

The All about Ukraine is the first author’s guidebook written in our country during four years. The author has studied almost all available literary sources, traveled 30000 kilometers across the country and used hundreds of meters of film.

The guidebook features over half a thousand articles and twice as many referenced photographs. The guidebook tells about biosphere and natural preserves, national parks, most interesting and attractive natural monuments, most picturesque landscapes from all over Ukraine.

It recounts the history of each of 25 regions of the country, beginning with archaeological information about the first settlements and ending with updated information about architectural buildings, monu­ments and museums, including those erected during the independence of Ukraine, population data and administrative and territorial division, climate and nature. The background on every object (city or village, architectural building or monument, farmstead or park etc.) includes historical data and authors. The guidebook informs about the most prominent archaeological sights and cave’cities, fortresses and castles, palaces and manors with parks, religious buildings and sacral places of basic confessions, memo­rial museums and monuments, numerous monuments to frequent wars and revolts swept over Ukraine starting with middle ages, and most eye-catching recreation sites.

This is a sweeping modern glance at Ukraine enthusing everybody over a variety of natural climes and architectural masterpieces.

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